From market stalls
to Michelin stars

Hopefully by now you’re wondering where you can get your hands on our delicious wares. Don't worry, our bakers work around the clock to supply the finest restaurants, delicatessens, coffee shops and farmers' markets throughout London and the Home Counties.

Farmer's Markets

For us it all began in farmers' markets, and we still love selling our food on the street. There's a rapidly expanding network of street markets throughout London and the UK, and we currently sell our products in more than 80 of them. We hope to see you at one soon.

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Restaurants, cafés & shops

We're proud to supply a number of Michelin starred restaurants in the capital, as well as a wide range of other establishments, from delicatessens to coffee shops. We have Organic Food Federation Certification and a SALSA certificate for food production.

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