Wisdom, love & dough

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Delicious artisan breads, cakes and pastries;
all of them made by hand and eaten with love.

Our principles
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What makes our food special?
We've stayed true to our
founding beliefs ever since we began.

The story of Flour
Power City Bakery

So how did we become the best loved organic bakery in London? Well, it all began in 1999, in a shabby old disused bakery in Hoxton Street. We had a head full of ideas: to use simple, good ingredients, to make bread the old fashioned way, to keep it organic wherever possible, to avoid unnecessary additives, and to take an ethical approach to business. Oh, and not forgetting the most important one: to put a bit of love into every loaf. So we had our principles; now we just needed a name to capture our radical artisan approach. We came up with Flour Power City Bakery, and we were in business.

What's the secret of
our success?

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Every day in our tiny bakery we'd lovingly bake our batch of artisan loaves, then take them up to our stall at Islington Farmers Market. And each day we'd sell every last one of them! We began to expand our range and experiment with new breads and pastries, learning new techniques and gathering wisdom as we went. Judging by our happy customers we were onto something good, so even though we were starting small, we began thinking big. These were exciting times indeed.

Four years of rocketing sales later, we relocated to our current home in Lewisham. Nowadays our team of more than 40 bakers and pastry chefs creates speciality organic breads, sourdoughs, pastries and cakes that are enjoyed by thousands of customers every week. We now supply more than 80 markets around London and the Home Counties. You'll find us in all the best coffee shops, delicatessens, speciality food retailers, and even in some of the top Michelin starred restaurants.