Our staff were all born to bake. Some of the best artisan bakers in the world, they're full of wisdom, passionate about baking, and care deeply about bringing you the finest bread, pastries and cakes.

– Head Baker

Born in 1980 in Poland, Marcin has worked in the bakery industry for more than half of his life. He fell in love with baking from day one, and this passion helped him to complete his baking diploma in just three years.

After nine years of working as a baker in Poland, he upped sticks and moved to London, to join Flour Power City Bakery. Quickly rising through the ranks, he was promoted to head baker, and as well as baking lots of different types of bread he's always inventing new products. Easygoing yet hard working, he has a deep understanding of every step of the baking process, from the tiny grain to the delicious loaf of bread.

Lisa Brook

Lisa comes from a heritage of traditional artisan bakers dating back nearly 100 years, and her ancestral bakery still bears the family name.With baking in her blood, she's dedicated to keeping traditions alive and producing the finest handmade crafted bread and pastries.

Her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for real honest food saw her revitalizing the dormant West Mersea native oyster industry in the late 1980s, as one of the co-founders of B & B Fisheries. Created to grow and supply the finest shellfish and oysters to London's top restaurants and hotels, the company gained worldwide recognition.

A qualified engineer, she's a passionate champion of craftsmanship and has brought innovative flair, high standards of customer care, and a new motivation to the bakery.

– Senior Head Baker

After studying archaeology in Paris, Manuel moved to London in 1987 and found his true vocation: food. He gained a wealth of experience working at a variety of West End eateries, but it wasn't until he joined the staff of the acclaimed St John Restaurant in Clerkenwell that he had the opportunity to experiment with bread.

It was a revelation to him, and from producing loaves just for the restaurant, soon the small bakery was supplying bread to the whole neighbourhood. Determined to broaden his baking experience, Manuel moved on to other bakeries, and found himself specialising in flavoursome sourdough-based crusty loaves.

Manuel eventually joined Flour Power City Bakery in 2005, creating the night shift and introducing a whole range of new and innovative breads.

– Head of Pastry

Growing up with a baker for a father, Samer soon developed a passion for baking, and knew he wanted to follow in his footsteps. From age 12 he'd work in his father's bakery after school, making biscuits, cakes and breads. He was keen to leave school and get to work, but his father made him continue his education, and Samer graduated in Computer Programming.

Then it was back to his true love: the bakery. At 24 he was supplying Mediterranean pastries to 18 restaurants around London. Two years later he joined us, where he swiftly learned the art of artisan pastries and was promoted to Head Pasty Chef, a role that sees him bringing pleasure to thousands of our customers every week.

– Head Baker

As a child Damian knew he wanted to become a baker, and after three years of training he began work as a baker in Kolstar Bakery, one of the biggest bakeries in his local area of his native Poland.

After five years he'd gained enough experience, and in 2007, seeking new challenges, he emigrated to England and joined Flour Power City Bakery. Here he learned new skills and techniques, and four years of hard work and learning helped him become the Head Baker of our night shift.

Baking is something he feels in his heart, soul and fingers, and the working hours don’t bother him: "I really like what I do and I can’t imagine my life without baking"