Bread is simple, humble food; it's
essentially just flour, water and yeast.
So what is it that makes ours different?
We think it’s these principles, that
we've followed ever since we started

Born to bake

We have some of the finest artisan bakers
in the world, full of wisdom, skill and passion
for their craft. Meet our brilliant bakers.

Made in London -
Hoxton Levain

If you haven't already tried it, be sure to sample
our unique Hoxton Rye Levain created by
master baker Manuel Monade.

We use simple, good

Our flour comes from Shipton Mill. Flour has been stoneground there since the time of the Doomsday Book, so they know a thing or two about creating the finest quality ingredients. We never compromise on taste, so all our other ingredients are also of the highest quality, from the finest butter in our croissants to the richest chocolate in our cakes.

We make it the old
fashioned way

Every product is handmade by our artisan bakers, using their wisdom and expertise. From weighing and mixing, to rolling and melting, it's all done with the greatest of care. All our breads are left to 'prove' naturally; our rye breads and sourdoughs can take up to 24 hours, and a normal loaf takes about eight hours. It may be time consuming, but we believe it’s worth every second of effort.

We keep it organic
wherever possible,
and avoid unnecessary

As London's biggest organic bakery, we are one of the city's few bakeries that are organically certified by the Organic Food Federation. We don't use any nasties such as stabilizers or improvers in our products. And of course, we'd never dream of using GM produce in our food. We're also certified by SALSA, the nationally recognised food safety scheme for small producers.

We're committed to
ethical business

We've always believed that you can create the finest quality products without selling out your ethical principles. We're dedicated to doing things the right way. Things like using organic ingredients, cutting back on food miles wherever possible, supporting small businesses and producers, and reducing our environmental impact. The result? Our principles are as wholesome as our food.

We put a bit of love
into every loaf

This is important. We pick only the best bakers and chefs to become part of Flour Power City Bakery. Highly skilled artisans with a real passion for baking, they take the utmost pride in their work. You can taste the extra care and attention they put into every mouthful of our food; because it’s that little bit of love that transforms a good product into a great one.